Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Challenge Over - What to Do next?

Well here we are three days after Ride 100, still pleased with my performance, and OK with the funds raised for The EIKON Charity - would have been nice to done better on that front, but we raised ~£5,000 altogether.

Sunday morning me passing through West Byfleet
I've been to the gym, briefly, for a gentle workout and I generally feel good. Yes I've been back on the bike too, OK only a short two mile ride to the shops and back but it felt good the legs weren't protesting. 

I think this weekend I will take another ride out with my local Pure Motion team. 

I've already had suggestions from some about what to do next - polite and otherwise - like foreign cycle tours, other local events, etc. but as yet I'm undecided. 

However, certain I'm going to do something. I think its the challenge we need to drive us along, that mountain to climb, river to cross, call it what you will we all need a challenge.

As I said at the start, I'm still happy with my time for the 100, but I'm sure if it were not for the early season fall and injuries I could have put in a rather better time. Which is what I intend to do next year... Yes, I really think I'm going to do it again, cos' I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But for now back to the general cycling and maintaining fitness, which is where it all started.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Ride London-Surrey 100 - Complete

Well I completed the ride in Six hours twenty-nine minutes, without any mishaps or technical issues, so quite happy with that - though at the end my body was telling me otherwise!

Happy to collect the medal at the end.

About 16,400 people started the ride and the London Olympic Park, I'm not sure I've ever seen so much Carbon fibre and Lycra in one place....

Queueing to join 'Wave K' for my start
My 07:02 AM start time meant an early 04:30 start from home but we got there courtesy of Andy our 'Logistic Manager' for the day.

Have to say the event was very well organised and supported throughout he day - Big thanks to the team of people providing help, and doubtless cleaning up at the drinks stations after we'd all gone through.

In the start gate - Wave K [Blue] 07:02 off

The route as recorded on MapMyRide. Doesn't include the ~5 mile ride from the drop-off to the start point. It also doesn't show the great support we received all around the route from locals and charity support teams - big thank you to them for turning out.

Look forward to doing it again next year.... perhaps.

We raised several thousand pounds for EIKON, which I hope will enable them to continue doing such great work with our local youth. 

A final plug, it's not too late, if you've not sponsored me so far please go to my Virgin giving link on this blog site and donate now - thank you in advance.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

London FreeCycle 2013 - Fun Day Out

Before my Ride London-Surrey 100 event on Sunday we thought it would be fun to take part in the FreeCycle event. 

So we, Tracie, Destiny & Verritty along with our friend Sally headed into London on the train with our bikes to join the thousands of other cyclists taking part. 

We had a really fun day out; cycling around London streets with no cars, taxi's buses, or lorries is just a delight - So much to see and, from a different perspective.

With a whole range of activities at Green Park, St Paul's and Tower Hill it was fun to ride stop, have lunch and continue.


Putting pedal power to good use - Fruit Smoothie, yes please!

Among the more serious cyclists there were some more unusual sights to see as well....

Friday, 2 August 2013

Been and got the t-shirt .....

Well I have my t-shirt, got my number, now just need to do the miles!

But before Sunday, tomorrow I'm going with my wife, our two girls and a friend, Sally, who works for Eikon to London for the FreeCycle event for a relaxed eight miles or so.

Seems a whole weekend of cycling ahead.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Change of Scenery - Final Countdown

Last weekend we had the chance to head down to Dorset for a few days. So being keen to get in at least some amount of miles I duly strapped the bike to the back of the car - after filling it with all the other paraphernalia - and we headed off.

Of course its always difficult to fit everything in to a short weekend break, so I didn't get chance to do many miles ~26 in fact, but at least that along with several swimming sessions provided a fair degree of exercise.

I'd hoped to get in a couple of rides but the weather was less than predictable [and I'd not packed everything suitable for a long wet ride] so eventually I only did the one loop, below:

So now we are just three days from the event itself, the last few weeks seem to have gone quickly. I can only hope now that I've done sufficient over the past few months to make the ride itself as enjoyable as possible.

The sponsorship is still a rather less than I'd hoped for, but I do understand times are tough and there are so many charity events out there to support, but if your reading this and haven't already supported me and EIKON and feel so inclined, please do:

Right, the registration process opens today and I'm heading off to do that tonight, then check the bike over tomorrow before joining the RideLondon FreeCycle event on Saturday. Then the ride on Sunday - sounds like a busy few days ahead.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Hills on Sunday

One of the benefits of living in Surrey is that we have the hills made famous by the Olympic cyclists on our door step, the down-side just now is that everyone is trying to ride them in preparation for the Prudential Ride London-Surrey 100 and Classic events in two weeks time.

Still we gathered on Sunday morning at Pure Motion Cycles, and set off to tackle a few hills, with the aim of a half-way break at Peaslake.

Having figured that the Vachery Triathlon was taking place we had to make some minor last minute adjustments due to restricted roads  but our ride leader knew the area well enough that we soon had a route in mind and set off.

The weather was a little strange with the humidity rising and even a few drops of rain on some of the higher parts of the ride, but we made our stop in Peaslake, as planned. Despite the poor road conditions only suffered one puncture en-route and generally had an excellent ride out and back.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Father's Day Ride

A fine morning for a ride with a group (David, Justin, Simon, Vicky & Bijan) from Pure Motion Cycles heading out of West Byfleet to Box Hill and back. 

I'd not joined the group before, but was welcomed and appreciated their looking out for me as we rode - turned out to be a pretty fair test for me, having only recently got back to some distance, and I found the pace just a little quicker than my norm. But was thoroughly enjoyable.

According to MapMyRide+ 

  • Total Distance: 44.33mi, 
  • Time: 03:10:32, 
  • Pace: 4:18min/mi, 
  • Speed: 13.96mi/h.

All great practice and much needed training for the upcoming event [PruRideLondon-Surrey100/EIKON] and I look forward to getting out again soon.